In the News

"We just a new shipment of REL subwoofers including the amazing Gibraltar G2. Call or stop by!"

"We've just landed the brand new PSB Imagine X1T tower speaker. Smaller and more refined than its predecessor the Image T5."

"We're selling a demo NAD T757 Receiver. Great sound and easy to step up."

"The new totem kin mini-monitor teamed with the kin subwoofer."

"The dragonfly from AudioQuest."

Welcome to the Big Kids Toys website

On behalf of everyone at Big Kids Toys (BKT) thanks for visiting our web site. Our company, founded in 2002, began as with the idea of bringing world class audio and home theater to your home or office across all price points. Whether you are looking for a simple video component or a world class, high end, two channel audio system, BKT would like to be your “go to” guys for all things audio and video. Our entire team including dogs are dedicated to make sure you have FUN (you remember fun don’t you). Our brands were carefully selected to answer all budgets from the modest to the leading edge. Take a look around our website. Call us (336.340.3945) with questions.

If your in town stop by, Grab a cold drink, Pull up a chair, Pick a tune, and let's talk music and movies.