High Performance Audio Equipment and Stereo Systems

Since I was 14 years old I’ve been fascinated with great stereo systems. Yes, I was the kid who built Heathkits and Dynakit’s (ST70’s) and have never lost the enthusiasm for this business. Our selection of brands was carefully thought out with the vision of bringing great value and great sound!

1. High Quality Audio Equipment

It’s not hard to build a great audio system with an unlimited budget, but building a great audio system while living on a budget is a challenge of which we take on with every new person knocking on our door. We know how to do this well. At Big Kids Toys, we are unabashed audio and music enthusiasts. I personally attend close to 50 live concerts a year across all genres of music. From Classical, Opera, Jazz, Blues, Folk music to hard driving Rock and Roll, you’ll see us there.

We know what great music sounds like live and we strive to deliver great sounding stereo systems that will make you forget your job and be glad to come home! We personally know the designers of most of the gear we sell. One of the best kept secrets is that quality is usually the cheapest price in the long run.

2. Loudspeakers

For speakers we selected, PSB, Totem Acoustic, Meridian and the amazing Magico Line.

PSB in our view brings great value across a very wide range including architectural speakers, outdoor speakers as well as cabinet based speakers. PSB speakers are known for their large sound stage and are the perfect selection for the young audiophile looking for her or his first pair of “serious” speakers. The newly introduced Image and Imagine Speakers are great examples of great value for the money.

Totem Acoustic of Montreal Canada is designed by Vince Bruzzese. The totem sound is warm, rich and holographic while occupying a surprisingly small amount of floor space. The Totem in-walls and in-ceilings (“KIN” and “TRIBE”) we think are among the best in their class. If you want a highly resolved detailed image look no further than Totem Acoustic.

Magico makes some of the best loudspeakers in the world. They’re designed for those who view music as an integral part of their life.  Look at the magnificent “S” series and the “M” series.  Magico….fine instruments for reproducing music…Come hear them.


3. TurnTables

Vinyl played through a well set-up turntable will mesmerize you. We carry Pro-Ject, Bryston, NAD and Luxman Turntables. Our brands cover all price points from the entry level to the exotic. We have access to one of the best set-up techs in the business. If you’re considering going Vinyl, look no further.

4. Electronics

We sell a wide variety of electronics but the theme of “high performance” for your money spent is central.

NAD electronics is known for solid performing no frills gear that sounds great. The new line of NAD and NAD Master Series amps bear looking at if you want great two channel or multi-channel performance.

VTL is vacuum tube gear that sounds like you think it should; warm and luscious sounding. The word “amber” sounding comes to mind. If you love jazz, and female vocals like I do, VTL beckons. For you guitar mavens, consider VTL. EL34 Tubes driving great speakers. Lots of fun.

Our delightful Kiwi friends at Plinius Audio make a wide variety of gear. Our favorites are their amps and of course the Tiki media server. If you don’t want a lot of work but still want computer audio the tiki is the way go.

DAC’s? Yes we sell DAC’s from NAD, AudioQuest, and Berkeley Audio Designs. If you want to do audio on your computer, we can get you there in style and fashion.

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Big Kids Toys AV goes to great lengths to choose the products we represent.

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