Frank Gazzo — VP of U.S. Sales at Plinius

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  • June 1st, 2017

Plinius Audio of Christchurch New Zealand is one of our featured electronics lines. The VP of US sales is Frank Gazzo an industry and music industry veteran. Frank knows more about music than most us combined. Frank is one the funniest people we know.

1) Frank can you tell us about your background and how you got into the Audio business?

My first adventure into high end audio was way back in high school in the late 80’s when I ended up working at a local record/audio store. I don’t think I was getting paid actual money. I think it was a job for trade – free vinyl and free gear. I remember owning an NAD amp & some NAD speakers and B&O table way back then. During a very average performance in college I started promoting small concerts in my home town Buffalo NY. Fast forward a few years and I found myself managing bands in Dublin Ireland. When I moved back to the states I ended up in Portland Oregon. I first came here to manage a few bands, decided I did not want to be on tour for the rest of my life, and got back into high end audio. Long Story short. I’m living in Portland Oregon MWK (married with kids)

2) Tell us about Plinius and their history.

Plinius was founded in 1980 and the company’s early vision was to provide a high fidelity listening experience for local customers in New Zealand. We still aspire to that beautifully simple goal and now with vastly more resources and a bigger team of young engineers we are able to reach out to a wider global audience. All aspects of our business from design through to marketing are carried out by the Plinius team operating from our headquarters in New Zealand. Our team of young designers bring energy and modern engineering practice to the simple goal of introducing a modern audience to High Fidelity music. At our facility in Christchurch all aspects of production are situated close to each other on one site ensuring there is a close working relationship between all members of the manufacturing team. The most important aspect of our business culture is our focus on you the customer. Getting feedback from you is important so please do contact us if you feel there is something we can do to improve your Plinius experience.

3) Can you give us an overview of the Plinius Line?

Historically Plinius has focused on amplifiers with their higher end models typically being Class A. Currently this continues with a stable of integrated, power, and phono amplifiers at the center of what they do with a few networking and CD player digital products on the front end. We are very excited to launch our new flagship preamp the RM-10 & new flagship power amp the RA-300 this summer.

4) What are you favorite albums of all time?

Music has always been a big part of my life. Listening to music that is, I can’t hold a note or play a single instrument. I listen to so many different things but anybody that knows me knows I probably listen to too much Neil Young. Pointless for me to try and tell you what Neil Young I like the most it would be easier to tell you what of his I do not like…..very little. U2 was a vital part of my listening for many years also. Rush, Merle Haggard, Damien Rice, Radiohead, William Orbit, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, I could go on and on. If I could only have 10 Neil Young CDs for the rest of my life off the top of my head right now I would grab…

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
On the Beach
Tonight’s The Night
Ragged Glory
Prairie Wind
Chrome Dreams 2
Le Noise
Psychedelic Pill
A spare copy of “One The Beach” in case the first copy is lost.

5) Vinyl or Digital?

I’m positive when & if I ever retire I will “revert” to 95% vinyl but today life is so busy I’m 95% digital. Most of that is still CD playback. I’m trying to reduce how many screens I look at day to day but I think that is a losing battle. My FLAC music library is reaching 3 TB so more and more playback is being controlled by a screen.