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Free Class on Digital Audio on October 21st at 1PM

Paul Wilson of will be giving a free class on Digital Audio on Saturday Oct. 21st at 1PM. This is an excellent class for those of you who want to sharpen your digital audio skills.   Our address is  1413 Garland Drive Greensboro NC 27408 Please RSVP:

Frank Gazzo — VP of U.S. Sales at Plinius

Plinius Audio of Christchurch New Zealand is one of our featured electronics lines. The VP of US sales is Frank Gazzo an industry and music industry veteran. Frank knows more about music than most us combined. Frank is one the funniest people we know. 1) Frank can you tell us about your background and how

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New Brands at BKT

We’ve added new brands we wanted you to be aware of:   CONSTELLATION AUDIO – joins the team. We think it’s the best sounding solid state electronics we’ve heard.   GIK Acoustics – Room Treatments at affordable prices. We’ve partnered with GIK to offer a complete turn-key solution. This incudes room analysis, Product recommendations and

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Projection Based Home Theaters

There is nothing quite as impactful as a well done  projection based home theater.  If you have the room for it’s clearly the way to go.  We had a discussion with a customer recently who was deciding on which projector to get. We steered the customer to a better quality screen rather than spending more

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High Dynamic Range–The Alphabet Soup of Flat Panels

All of us have gone to the local big box and have seen dozens of flat panels on display. You will see lots of abbreviations in use today.  OLED, LCD, 1080p, 4K and now a new(er) one…HDR.   HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The dynamic range of a scene tells you how different the brightest parts

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Our Referral and “Test and Try” Programs

“Test and Try” Program The best way to answer the question “is this gear for me?” is to borrow it from us.  Listening to or viewing gear in your room is THE best way to decide whether you like the speakers, DVD player, streaming device, preamp or Amp.  We’ve been loaning gear out for a long time. We typically

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