Our Brands

Our Brands

Big Kid Toys goes to great lengths to choose the products we represent. Not only does the product have to meet rigid performance standards but the way the company conducts business and treats the customer is of prime importance us.

Analysis Plus

Great value in cables for both home use as well for pro-audio.



AudioQuest makes cables of all descriptions, some incredible USB DAC’s and some

serious headphones.  The Nighthawk headphone is show in the thumbnail.


The amazing Aurender products are perhaps among the finest dedicated music servers made. The user interface
in our view is the best in the industry and takes the frustration out of managing your
library. You can connect directly to the internet to download or stream as you wish.
We think Aurender is in a class by itself

Berkeley Audio Designs

The Berkeley Audio Design DAC’s are considered some of the best DAC’s made today.  Our Customers tell us about the rich and subtle details in their music.

The Alpha DAC, The Reference DAC II and the USB Interface are at the cutting edge of where engineering meets music.


Bluesound is a high resolution music environment from our friends at Lenbrook.  Bluesound can support files of 24/192 and has some inspired individual products such as the Vault 2 and the Node 2. You can add bluesound to any system you own today easily.

Clarus Cables

Clarus cables are engineered to deliver 100% of the signal that the amplifier sends without any coloration.  The connectors are made of the best materials

and will last for decades. Our reference systems use Clarus Crimson.

Constellation Audio

Constellation Audio is for those who demand the highest level of performance in Solid State design.  Their amps, preamps, DAC’s, Media players and streamers

are designed by a world class team.  You will hear stunning clarity and richness of tone that is bound to please your ears.

GIK Acoustics

GIK Acoustics makes affordable room treatments that engineered to YOUR room.  We come out

to your home and measure the room, take pictures and send the data to GIK for software analysis

and recommendations.  If you are going to spend money on great gear first tune your room.

Grand Prix Audio

Alvin Lloyd of Grand Prix Audio spent decades as both a driver and an engineer in Indy Car and Formula 1 Racing.

His stands feature technology used in these race cars; carbon fiber, isolated suspension and vibration isolation.

They’re also drop-dead gorgeous.


JVC Pro Projectors

JVC Projectors have been a favorite projector of our customers for years.

They have great coloration saturation and crisp images. If you’re

thinking of a projection based home theater, strongly consider JVC.

Magico Speakers

Magico was created over a decade ago for the sole purpose of leading a no holds-barred assault on what is possible in contemporary loudspeaker design. Inspired by the unique vision of industrial designer and accomplished musician Alon Wolf, every Magico product is designed against the true standard of perfect audio reproduction-live music.

NAD Electronics

NAD is one of the famous brands in consumer electronics. Their 3020 integrated amp designed in the early 80’s is an icon.

Well NAD has not sat on its laurels. Big Kids Toys AV carries the Masters Series as well ALL of the other product sets including

the classic stereo electronics and the Home Theater AV Receivers.

NAD has an answer for every enthusiast.

Plinius Audio

Plinius is an electronics company from New Zealand that makes preamplifiers and amplifiers. They are “over achievers” in their price class.

Plinius makes superb integrated amps. The Hautonga is perhaps our favorite integrated amp we sell. They also sell a high power integrated amp called the Hiato.

We affectionately call it the MOOSE.  It can drive any speaker made with ease!


Polk Audio

What makes Polk products unique? It’s our dedication to audio engineering and innovation. For over four decades, we’ve been designing reasonably-priced loudspeakers that take performance to the next level. In fact, we hold over 65 patents for unique audio solutions!

Pro-Ject Turntables

Pro-Ject Turntables are one of the best selling brands in the world for a reason. Great Quality with tables and cartridges across all price points.

If you’re looking to get into vinyl or rediscover it again look at Pro-Ject Turntables


PSB speakers are the creation of Paul Barton one of the legendary designers in audio. He’s created high performing speakers across all price points

that are perfect for home theater or music.

PSB also has crafted affordable and enjoyable headphones and in-ear monitors as well.

PSB means value and performance for your money.

REL Subwoofers

Long considered to be among the best subwoofers made.  They’re perfect for home theater as well as music systems.

You want BASS?  Go REL.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung has risen to the top of consumer electronics brands by delivering great quality with lots of features

and competitive pricing.  Their flat panels are second to none.


SONOS remains the gold standard for whole home audio systems for a very good reason. The products sound good and the user interface is still the best in the industry.


Sony continues to be a world leader in Consumer Electronics. Their flat panel displays are feature rich with superb color. Their Projectors are state of the art.

We recommend Sony to all of our customers. They’re reliable and the perfect centerpiece for a great home theater.

Stewart Film Screens

At Stewart Filmscreen, we’re proud of our legacy and honored to be the only screen manufacturer to win two Academy Awards. For 70 years, we’ve been innovating and delivering the highest quality, future-proof, projection screens imaginable. We never stop pushing the limits what’s possible.

Totem Acoustics

Totem Acoustics is the creation of legendary designer Vince Bruzzese. Totem speakers are lush, rich with textured tone and sonics.

Totem makes speakers across all price points but one thing never changes the great sound and clarity of the speakers.

Totem Acoustics…..You will want a pair.

Triangle Electroacoustique

TRIANGLE has been designing, making and assembling high-quality speakers for over 35 years with one goal: develop loudspeakers reproducing the core emotion of music with increasing precision and vitality

Tributaries Cables

Tributaries Cables are our “go to” cables on a daily basis.  Tributaries makes cables of every description.  HDMI cables, Digital Cables, connector cables

speaker cables and a LOTS more.

Like all things at Big Kids Toys AV Tributaries offers great value for the money spent.


Tubes!   VTL is an industry leader in Vacuum Tube based electronics. VTL is famous for its warm, lush and rich sound.  You need to sit in front of some VTL gear to experience this for yourself.

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Our Brands

Big Kids Toys AV goes to great lengths to choose the products we represent.

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