Projection Based Home Theaters

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  • May 20th, 2017

There is nothing quite as impactful as a well done  projection based home theater.  If you have the room for it’s clearly the way to go.  We had a discussion with a customer recently who was deciding on which projector to get. We steered the customer to a better quality screen rather than spending more on the projector.

Truth be told the choice of screen has more impact than the projector. Today’s screens are composite designs that feature varying amount of light reflectance and portrayal of color nuances.


I always tell customes to match the screen with the projector. One size does not fit all.  We carry screens from a number of manufacturers in price ranges from the modest to state of the art.


There are certain combinations that are great marriages. The Stewart Filmscreens work very well with the Sony Diamond Projectors.  The IKON screens work very well and are budget friendly.


If you want the best in a custome made home theater, contact us.

we have 15 years experience in doing them.